VFR Phraseology


In addition to classic phraseology and hundreds of remarks and observations, as well as practical advice, the book presents, for the first time a light, accessibly formatted, authentic, dynamic series of communications completed during long flights across the most breathtaking parts of European airspace. Each communication is accompanied by comments on where we are, who we are talking to, and what we are doing.

The book covers flights across 9 countries, several transits through all types of airspace available to private pilots, and features many surprising adventures and unexpected experiences that can occur during flight. The authors also showcase the most beautiful destinations in Europe that are truly worth flying to.

The book is a treasure trove of knowledge about practical execution of VFR flights in Europe.

A FIS officer, instructor, and Aviation English Examiner with 40 years of experience in various ATS services, and a private pilot who spends over 600 hours a year in the air, performing over 400 recreational and business flights annually in Europe, share their knowledge and experience from both sides of the radio frequency.

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