T-Hangar ®


airplane hangars for General Aviation!




Tamara   +48 790 79 79 75


  • invented by aviators for aviators
  • designed by leading European designers and architects
  • aesthetic and durable, made by the most experienced fitters in Europe
  • shipping & montage across of Europe
  • consulted with aircraft manufacturers,
  • the hangar is provided for each model of ultralight aircraft and for selected models of certified aircraft,
  • any color and outfit
  • extensive additional equipment
  • compliant with regulations
  • hangars available immediately
  • simple and durable structure
  • walls, roof and entrance gate at the customer's request - simple or insulated
  • simple or automatic gate
  • solar + webcams + alarm
  • instant assembly, disassembly, change of location more info: www.AirCamp.pl/T-Hangar ultra light and modern!

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